What we do


Three Hill Farm is a 256 acre farm located in the Laurentian Hills in the beautiful township of Chichester, Quebec.  


We grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and are best known for our fresh greenhouse tomatoes -  rated best tasting tomato by our customers.  In the Spring, Three Hill Farm brings you beautiful snap peas, radish, asparagus and spinach.  In summer we offer beans, sweet corn, new potatoes, summer squash and beautiful large heads of garlic which are not imported from China. (Yes, most garlic sold in grocery stores are imported from Asia.)  Some of what we offer in the fall includes carrots, turnip, squash and pumpkin.


Three Hill Farm also has pre-packaged salad mix made with our 6 different varieties of lettuce, available from spring till fall, and currently one of our best selling products!


We use bees to help pollinate our crops and in return we are able to offer our customers honey composed of fruit, vegetable and wildflower pollens.  We also offer quality lamb as a specialty product from the farm.  Raised naturally in small production efforts, our lamb is government inspected, frozen and vac packed to conserve maximum freshness and available at the on-site store only. Early visitors to the farm may also be lucky enough to purchase our farm fresh eggs, picked up fresh each day.


So be sure to come visit us at the farm as well as at our satellite locations and live healthy, shop locally and remember to Taste the difference.


Jonathan Harkins - Owner, Three Hill Farm