Available from July to August


Zucchinis have a wonderfully subtle flavor that complements virtually any recipe that includes meat and veggies.


It can be roasted, baked in a lasagna, breaded to make a zucchini "fry".

Green Beans

Green beans are delicious, crisp, firm, brightly-colored beans that snap easily. Thinner beans are usually more tender and sweeter.


Cook gently by steaming or simmering just until tender-crisp. Green beans have a fair amount of vitamins A and C.


What food is more synonymous with summer than freshly picked corn on the cob? Our corn will give you plenty of chewing satisfaction, it’s packed with fiber and tastes delicious.


Quickly boil corn, spread with lots of sweet butter, and sprinkled with salt.


A cool refreshing summer taste, cucumbers are a great option to add a crisp snap to salads and sandwiches.

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Our raspberries have a wonderfully intense, sweet taste, and many consider them to be the finest flavoured of all the berries.


As raspberries are very delicate, wash them very gently, using the light pressure of the sink sprayer if possible, and then patting them dry.

Snap Peas

Sweet and crunch, snap peas can be eaten pods and all.  


Choose bright green, crisp, plump pods that feel waxy to touch. 


An all-rounder, this green pairs perfectly with many dishes.  Easy to cook and incredibly versatile, spinach goes well with butter, cream and cheese and tastes delicious on its own or with pastas, quiches or stir-fries.

Swiss Chard

Swiss chard is truly one of the vegetable valedictorians with its exceptionally impressive list of health promoting nutrients.


We recommend boiling it to free up acids and allowing them to leach into the boiling water; this brings out a sweeter taste from the chard.


New Potatoes

Sweet, thin and crisp, new potatoes are delicious and full of flavour. Available varieties are white, red and blue. 


Choose new potatoes that are firm, dry and blemish-free. Unwashed potatoes last longer as the dirt protects them from bruising and general deterioration.



Yellow Beans

Our yellow beans consist of a crisp, edible yellow pod enclosing soft, tender beans.


Use spices to add depth of flavor and to give the beans a new twist.

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